Roni Nicole


Columbia, SC


"I want these images to move you, as I am moved by you"
| moving pictures | has grown from a desire to literally move about the world, capture it's miracles and project them onto the collective memory. As a filmmaker, Roni Nicole Henderson makes fiction, fine art, experimental, documentary and with prayer, feature-length narrative films in the very near future. As a photographer, she delights in fashion + fine art, documenting artists and everyday folk, especially during major life initiations. As a fine artist, she projects this work in odd places so as to inject impulses to heal the self into our environment, impulses that inspire change and growth.  Having earned an M.F.A. from the Savannah College of Art and Design, Roni Nicole desires to continue her professional work as a fine artist in the gallery, museum and especially the public spheres. 


Featured Works


God in Man: Part II

PART II of the the explorative film/still series GOD IN MAN features a man on a journey to connect with the powers of his ancestors, seeking guidance through the act of divination. A most fitting soundscape by EJ the Witchdoctor with words by artist, Kevin Sipp. Enjoy and stay tuned as we continue to illuminate the varied search for the divine.


Annie James spends her evenings praying in the run-down shack she calls her sanctuary. She prays for her eight-month pregnant daughter, Jeannie, who struggles to keep her heroin addiction at bay. One night of desperation sends Jeannie in search of the drug she swore she would leave behind. Deep in the throes of her high, helpless in her raging body, Jeannie goes into labor. As if jolted by her daughter’s suffering, Annie throws herself before the altar of God. Transformed, Annie must now use this awakening to enter the dangerous world of the dope house and rescue her ailing daughter. What ensues is an intimate catharsis between mother and daughter that breaks through the unspoken cycle of destruction and offers the possibility of redemption.